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401(k) Challenges for Non-US Residents

Navigate the complexities and know your options

Download the 401(k) and IRA Guide
for Non-US Residents

Managing US retirement assets from outside the US is difficult - with potential taxation, compliance and distribution pitfalls. This guide is designed to help non-US residents navigate the complexities that come with managing their retirement savings from afar.

What's inside:

Identify Potential Costly Pitfalls 

Find out the common challenges that arise when managing a 401(k) and IRA from overseas.

Know the Available Options 

Explore various alternatives for overseas management of US retirement assets.

Leverage Specialized Solutions 

Understand the advantages and benefits of working with a cross-border US pension specialist.

Understand Special Tax Considerations

Get clarity on local tax considerations for maintaining or taking distributions from a 401(k) and IRA.

Explore our Case Studies

Discover how others in similar cross-border situations have streamlined their complex problems.


Who is this for:

This guide was created to help non-US residents navigate the complexities of managing their US retirement assets from abroad.

Americans living overseas

US Green card holders living overseas

Foreign nationals with 401(k)s and IRAs in the US 

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